Hi Everyone!

We were all introduced to you a few months ago in the election results, but just so that you are aware, Region H officially has a new Region Collegiate Team for FY13!  You can check out our personal bios on the Region Collegiate Team (RCT) page.

This past weekend the FY13 Region Collegiate Teams from every region completed training in their respective positions at the Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF) here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We all had the chance to see the installation of our new Society President Alyse Stofer and the new Board of Directors, compete for the CLF SME Bowl (where Region H placed in the top 5), win the scavenger hunt in the Mall of America, learn about our specific roles, our strengths, and create plans to make FY13 one of the best years yet.  This past weekend was a fantastic opportunity for the Region H RCT to gain an understanding of how best to work together to serve all of you within Region H.

Collegiate Leadership Forum Group Photo
Collegiate Leadership Forum Group Photo
Alicia’s scavenger hunt find: propeller
Alicia and Elizabeth’s scavenger hunt find: fish
Winning scavenger hunt team!

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