Back to School, Back to SWE

Labor day has passed, the weather is growing cooler, football is back, and notebooks are out of stock.  School must be back in session!  With the beginning of classes comes another exciting year of SWE.

Check out the FY13 SWE Leadership!

A new year means new leadership!  If you have not yet, I encourage you to check out the new leaders for FY13.  You can find them from this link: SWE Leadership .  For new section leaders, check out some of the other pages on the blog, or visit some other student leadership sites like this one: Leadership .  Also be sure to remember that SWE has a variety of resources for you, so be sure to utilize them!

Depending on when your semester started, you may have already had the chance to have a kick-off event for your section.  If your classes have only been in session for a few days, you may still be in the process of planning your events.  In either situation, let us know what you have been planning!  Whether you had a fantastic event, or you have an event planned that will be, comment on this post and share some details.  You could have an event that would be perfect for another section to tweak and make a similar event of their own.

September is a perfect time to gain new members for your section!  Be sure to advertise your events and reach out to potential members.  If you are a current member, and have not yet renewed your membership, do that before the end of September (and encourage your friends to do the same)!  Otherwise you will be dropped as a member at the end of September.

Remember to comment and share your event ideas.  Good luck with classes and have a spectacular September!


One Reply to “Back to School, Back to SWE”

  1. Hey all! Erin Lemke here with the University of Minnesota SWE section! Fall is a busy time for us up here. We host the fall Science and Engineering Career Fair, one of our biggest events of the year. We also have our SWE week coming up later in September, where our directors host a variety of events to help recruit new members, as well as get everyone excited for the coming year! Later this fall we also have one of our signature events, an outreach event called Technically speaking.

    Hope everyone else is gearing up for a great year!

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