SWE Social

I hope everyone is having a fantastic fall so far!  As classes begin to wear you down, here are a few ideas on some ways to utilize SWE events to encourage member networking and keep up your section moral.  All of these events have been held by at least one of your fellow Region H Collegiate Sections, so comment on this post if you would like more information!


Maybe host a bagel breakfast!  These events are a great way for your members to start their day off right, with bagels, coffee, and SWE!  Bagel breakfasts encourage member interaction and are a fun way to prepare for a day of classes.


Everyone loves ice cream, so why not host an ice cream social?!  This can be a wonderful recruitment event, or a way to network with professionals.

A SWE Scavenger hunt could be a fun way for your new members to learn a little more about SWE and your school.  Group your newer members into teams, and give them various clues to specific locations, or information you have arranged around your campus.  Maybe a grand prize would heighten the competition!

Tie-dye SWE shirts for a fun, and creative way to diversify your SWE swag.


Barbecue, Grill Out, or Picnic could be the perfect way to raise awareness about SWE on your campus, while providing a lunch networking opportunity for your members.  I would caution you that this event may need to be held as soon as possible, as weather may not cooperate for too much longer.  Otherwise you could challenge your section to brainstorm a way to hold this event indoors!


Movie/Baking night would be a fantastic way to encourage some low stress member bonding.  This baking could also be used to prepare for some sort of bake sale, or for a cookie decorating event the next day.

Hopefully those few event ideas have given you some starting points to brainstorm perfect events for your section to get to know each other, and have some fun at the same time!  If you have any other ideas, questions about these ideas, or would like to add to anything in this post, please comment!  We would love to have some feedback from your section.

2 Replies to “SWE Social”

  1. Such a great use of pictures on this blog post! And of course, I love BBQ’s (we have one coming up in my professional section), ice cream socials and eating cookies while watching a movie!

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