Show Your SWE Spirit and Help Region H with the Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Calling all SWE members,

We need your help to show the spirit of SWE and Region H at CelebrateSWE! Hopefully you have seen some earlier announcements on the Photo Scavenger Hunt and can move quickly to help as WE12 is next week! Send your PICTURES IN ASAP (Latest Nov. 9 12noon) Below are the details.

Here’s the Rules and List A! More to come with List B at conference!

(In BOLD ones I think Collegiate Sections can really help with)


  • Region H”letter” must be easily visible in each photo (except for item 3). “SWE Internationals” sign for the International team.
  • All photos must include at least two members of your region. Bonus points awarded for having professionals and collegiates in the photo.
  • All photos must be taken October 1 or later (except for items 3 and 6 and 9)
  • All the photos from List A can not be provided by a single SWE section or group. Multiple sections or groups must be evident throughout the photos.
  • Extra points will be awarded for creativity in each category – basically the harder the judges laugh, the more bonus points awarded

PHOTOS NEEDED (Main Rules to remember “H” in photo and at least 2 SWE members from Region H)

1. Decorate your RG (or IMC) in your most creative fashion and take a photo with any WE12 sign. Note: Can do at Region Meeting or before

2. Take a photo of your most interesting/unusual Region landmark. At least one Region member must be in the picture. Bonus points will be awarded if members of multiple sections are in photo.

3. Locate an archive photo of a current or former BOD or BOT member from your region. Photo must be at least 15 years old. Current or former region members are acceptable. Extra points for creative/amusing pictures.

4. Construct your Region Letter using Region members only. May be completed at WE12 or prior to WE12.

5. Take a photo with a mascot at a college or university in your region.

6. Photo from a joint professional-collegiate event in your region (photo must be from 2012)

7. “Getting there is half the fun” – photo of members traveling to WE12  – Note: Suggestions at the airport or driving or bus….have a sign “Region H to WE12 or Bust!”

8. Photo with a male SWE member – complete

9. Photo from a signature event in your Region 

10. Recognize an outstanding accomplishment from your Region (either an individual or a group effort or award) Note: Can do at Joint Meeting During Region H Awards

Submit photos to
 by Friday, Nov. 9 12noon central time.

WE12 is almost here and we are all getting excited for a great time in Houston! I look forward to meeting as many Region H folks as I can and seeing all your spirit in the photos you submit as well as showcasing all of you through these photos at CelebrateSWE!

See you in Houston! 

Jenny Morikawa
FY13-FY14 Region H Govrenor


One Reply to “Show Your SWE Spirit and Help Region H with the Photo Scavenger Hunt!”

  1. Thanks for all the photos submitted so far. I would really love a photo with at least 2 collegiates, an H sign, and their mascot.

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