Balancing Your Break

The countdown to finals has begun and the end is in sight.  Do you know how you plan on spending your winter break?

After spending some necessary time to decompress, catch up on sleep after finals, simmer down your coffee addiction, and schedule your doctor appointments, you may want to set some goals for yourself on how to spend your time over break.

Maybe make a list of friends that you need to catch up with, or schedule some events with your family.  I know I will definitely be convincing my little brother to go see the new James Bond movie with me.  Also, make a list of museum exhibits,  movies, or shows you want to see.  Maybe you can convince your friends to stop by those!

Take this time to catch up on all of those applications you have been meaning to get to.  SWE Scholarship Applications for sophomores through graduate students are due by February 15th, and for freshman by May 15th.  Or keep applying to those full-time positions and internships if you have not yet confirmed one.  Consider applying for a position on the Region Collegiate Team!  The call for applicants goes out on December 17th, and your break could be the perfect time to complete the application before it is due on February 3rd.

You could also spend this time to take a little trip.  When else will you have a few weeks with very few commitments?  Plan some time to visit one of your old SWE friends that has graduated and relocated.

Maybe try to schedule a meeting or shadow a professional in the industry you are interested in.  I bet the professional SWE section nearest you has some contacts you could reach out to.  This could be the perfect time to see what you are learning put into action.

This is just a very short list of possible things you could do to fill your break.  I encourage you to make a list for yourself and stick to it!  This will give you something to look forward to as the semester wraps up.  Good luck!

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