Maintaining Your SWE Momentum

As the school year progresses, sometimes the eagerness associated with a brand new year of SWE can start to fade.  How can you reignite, and maintain your excitement?  This is not often an easy task, but with a few quick tips hopefully you can maintain your SWE momentum.

One way to start this process may be to reevaluate the goals you set at the beginning of the year.  This way you can think back to just how many things you have accomplished to this point, and start to set more goals.  While you are thinking back to all that you, and your section, have accomplished, start thinking about what awards you should apply for.

Maybe start thinking about the future, and your personal SWE career goals.  Do you have ambitions to hold higher positions in SWE?  At your section level?  At the regional level?  At the societal level? Are you graduating and looking to get involved with your local professional section?  What steps can you take to fulfill those aspirations?  Consider applying for a Region Collegiate Team position for FY14.  Make some specific goals that could help you reach your ultimate SWE vision.

Another way to shake up your section could be to create a new event.  Or partner with a new student group for a new event.  Try to do something different from anything your section currently does, or has done in the recent past.  Grab some ideas from other Region H sections.  Either check out some of the best practices already shared, or take a look at some other collegiate section websites for ideas.

Last of all, remember to have fun.  SWE is a fantastic way to network, gain leadership, and promote more females pursuing degrees and careers in engineering, but remember to have fun in the process.  Plan and attend a variety of types of events to keep your SWE life diversified.  Hopefully all of these things will aid you in finding a way to maintain your SWE momentum.


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