Sell Yourself in 30 Seconds (Internships, Research, etc.)

Time and time again, we are told first impressions are key.  Not only during the search for that perfect internship, research opportunity, or full-time position, being able to describe yourself in 30 seconds can be beneficial in many occasions.  Usually this spiel about yourself can be called an “elevator pitch.”  This name comes from the following situation: If you were alone in an elevator with the CEO of a company you dreamed of working for, how would you introduce yourself?  Granted, your speech is dependent upon the circumstance, but it can be utilized at a career fair, networking event, interview, first date, or any other type of first time meeting.

Here are some tips on how to perfect your elevator pitch and sell yourself in 30 seconds:

Tips for Writing an Elevator Pitch:
  • “Keep it short and sweet”
  • “Edit Ruthlessly”
  • “Skip industry jargon”
  • “Say it in a mirror”
  • “Memorize it and practice”
  • “Show your passion”
  • “Create multiple flavors”
  • “Identify your desired action”
  • “Pass the mic”

How To Craft A Job Search Elevator Pitch:

” Start by filling a whole page with what you would want to say to a hiring manager. Cut that down to half a page. Keep cutting until you get to a quarter page. Then pull out three bullet points that give a snapshot of your career.”

Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch:

“Hi, my name is______. I graduated from/am a student at ____ with a ______ degree. I am interested in starting my career [in or at] ______ because________. I have interned/worked at ______ and was awarded/received/was able to ________. I am passionate about ______. I would appreciate your advice on ______ and would like to learn more via email or phone. Is it possible to connect at a later date?”

How to Perfect the Elevator Pitch: 

These are just a few resources that may be helpful to establish your personal elevator pitch.  As well as numerous online resources, reach out to your own school’s career center, as they can be a vital resource for your personal speech.  Be sure to practice before the Region Conference in February!

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