Why join the Region H Collegiate Team?

Are you interested in taking your SWE leadership to the next level?  Consider applying for a position as a Region Collegiate Representative (RCR), Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE), or Region Collegiate Senator (RCS).  Check out this blog post to learn more about applying.

Here are your current Region H RCRs, RCCE, RCS, and more information on their experiences with their respective roles.  If you have specific questions for any of them you can find their contact information on the RCT page.

Region Collegiate Representatives: 

Alicia Walby

Mechanical Engineering, Senior

Michigan Technological University

Region H Region Collegiate Representative

 Previous SWE Position(s): RCCE, Publicity Committee (section)

Why did you apply for your RCT position?

I applied for a position with the RCT because I wanted to be more involved with SWE on a regional and national level.  After attending a region conference at Illinois, the energy of the room inside moved me to apply.  I wanted to be apart of the RCT for Region H and get to know presidents while helping them out.  I decided to apply for the RCCE position first to get to know how the RCT works having not held a section president position.  After working with the RCRs and RCS I had a better understanding of how they interact with the presidents, and then decided to apply again for the RCR position to continue to work with the RCT.

What is your favorite aspect of your RCT position?

SWE has a warm and welcoming sense of community.  My favorite piece of the cog is simply the interaction with the section presidents and other leaders on the regional and national level.  It is always a blast to be able to hang out with people you’ve met once at societal conference at the regional conference later in the FY.

What have you learned most from your RCT position?

I have learned a lot through holding two difference RCT positions.  Here is a condensed version:  I have learned how even though sections may be the same in size or in the same geographical area, they are not all run the same way.  Each section has their own set of officers, bylaws, fun and professional events.  Getting emails about successful events from sections is always great to read and view pictures of.  In addition to how all of the sections function, I have grown my knowledge base on how SWE works on more of a societal level.  Acronyms are my BFF.  Google spreadsheets are amazing.  As seen on buttons at WE10(?), [I sqrt(-1) SWE]

Elizabeth Buchanan

Mechanical Engineering

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Region H Regional Collegiate Representative

Why did you apply for your RCT position?

I applied for the RCR position because having finished a year as president of my section, I wanted to continue to grow my leadership skills, and this position seemed like a good progression. Additionally, I felt I had learned a lot as president of my section, and wanted to be able to share that with other SWE sections.

What is your favorite aspect of your RCT position?

My favorite aspect of my position is helping struggling sections figure out how to move into a healthy state again–it is nice to know that I have a part in getting more members involved in SWE, and potentially keeping them in the field of engineering Additionally, I really enjoy the networking opportunities you get with other SWE collegiates and professionals in Region H.

What have you learned most from your RCT position?

The biggest thing I’ve learned from this position is that you can never approach each problem a section has the same way– all sections have different histories, and it is important to listen to what specific aspects they struggle with, and provide a solution based on their specific problems for sections to grow. Also, I have learned a lot about the structure of SWE and how it operates on a regional and nationals level.

Region Collegiate Communications Editor: 

Erin Syverson

Biomedical Engineering and Physiology, Senior

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Region Collegiate Communications Editor

Previous SWE Position(s): Section Secretary, Section Outreach Director

Why did you apply for your RCT position? 

I wanted to become involved with SWE outside of my section, while still having time to participate in my section as well as with academics and other activities.  This position seemed like a great opportunity to expand my network and learn more about SWE as a whole.  Becoming RCCE has also been a great opportunity to increase my communication skills and learn the art of updating a blog.

What is your favorite aspect of your RCT position? 

The opportunity to network and meet other collegiate SWE leaders, as well as SWE professional leaders has definitely been my favorite part.  The most interesting component of this position for me, has been working with other members of the Region H Collegiate Team and other RCCEs from other regions to effectively utilize the blog for updates and development topics.

What have you learned most from your RCT position? 

What I have learned the most about, by far, has been how the entirety of SWE operates.  Through this experience I now have a much better idea of both the Society as a whole, and what types of leadership positions I might be interested in for the future.

Region Collegiate Senator: 

Rachel Seidner

Chemical Engineering, Senior

Univerity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Region H Senator

Previous SWE Position(s): Section External Vice President, Section Social Director

Why did you apply for your RCT position?

I wanted to continue having a leadership role within SWE. We had a growing collegiate section and I wanted to give the younger girls a chance to get involved instead of me running for a position for the third year and possibly denying a sophomore or junior to start their SWE career. The senator seemed like a good fit because of the amount of time involved was perfect and I’m a pretty opinionated person so debating on motions seemed like fun (and it is).

What is your favorite aspect of your RCT position?

The networking opportunities. Part of the position of senator is to network and speak with members of all the other regions and to learn the opinions of those within your region. It’s a great opportunity to meet people from across the country and the world.

What have you learned most from your RCT position?

The thing I’ve learned the most is how SWE works from the inside. Before the senate meetings, I learned all about how the society functions in order to understand the bylaws and other governance documents that we could possibly be voting on. A change in the senate can generally affect the whole society so you have to have a little background before you try to make that decision.


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