Tech Check

How do you stay updated with the latest news and technology?  If you are similar to me, you often don’t have the time to read article after article about new technology, even if you wish you could.  Here are a few tips about how to stay up to date on the newest technology happenings.

  • Twitter and Facebook. – This is a great way to see some technology headlines, and have links to entire articles if you are interested in the subject.  Also, this option gives you the chance to check out updates wherever you are.  Waiting in line for coffee?  Check on the news!
    • A few of the noteworthy accounts to follow are: Forbes Tech News “@ForbesTech”, cnntech “@cnntech”, Microsoft News “@MSFTnews”, and Macworld “@Macworld”.  Many more are available depending on your news preferences.
  • – My personal favorite.  This site provides headlines for a number of different news topics with constant updates.  One of the sections within this page is specifically geared towards Technology.  This site can also be personalized based on your news preferences.

    Magazines. – More interested in paper copies of news?  Check out what types of technology related magazines are out there.  After a quick search Fast Company seems like a popular one.

  • What are your favorite ways to stay connected to new technology news?  Comment on this post!

Hopefully those options provide you all a way to stay connected with new technology updates!  Over the past few days a few new things have been announced, and below I have provided a few links if you are interested.

FDA Approves First Implantable Miniature Telescope to Improve Sight of AMD Patients

Android dominated smartphone sales in 2012 

Scout brings home security to the Internet age (and it’s cheap)

Shock Wave of Fireball Meteor Rattles Siberia, Injuring 1,000



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