Region H Conference 2013 – Recap

Can you all believe it was just over a week ago that over 750 SWE members, volunteers, and sponsors were at the lovely University of Minnesota – Twin Cities for the 2013 Region H Conference?!  On behalf of the University of Minnesota Section, we all just wanted to thank you again for coming!

Hopefully all of you that had the opportunity to attend have taken the time to reflect on and implement all that you learned, as well as connect with those new people you met!  I know I definitely learned more about non-traditional engineering careers, the Mall of America, and how to resolve conflict.  Also, be sure to share everything you learned with your fellow SWE members that were not able to make it.  In my section, next week we are hosting a “Conference Recap” event for everyone to share what they learned.

Share what you liked best about the conference in this poll!


Congratulations again to Michigan Technological University for winning the bid  to host the 2014 Conference!  We look forward to seeing everyone again at the Region H Conference next year at Michigan Tech!



















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