Leadership Burnout


It is that stressful time of year again.  That mild winter depression most of us experience is at its highest (at least here in Minnesota), paired with an increasing work load as spring break draws nearer, and student group officer transitions are just on the horizon.  Leadership burnout is an all too common theme among collegiates.  We are all ambitious and driven to see results, but sometimes forget about a few things in the process.  Here is more information about leadership burnout, and a few tips to keep you and your fellow SWE leaders at their finest during this tricky time of year.


Leadership burnout is often caused by: high levels of stress, personal problems, a busy schedule, work overload, inability to delegate, feel the need to “do it all”, and the belief that rest is unnecessary.  Some of the signs include lack of motivation, inability to care, and feeling withdrawn.  Some tips to combat leadership burnout include: taking better care of yourself in terms of eating, sleeping and exercise, taking a break, setting goals, taking on new exciting projects, and continuing to learn.  These tips come from a variety of sources, so maybe try them in different combinations!


The real key is finding balance in your schedule and activities.

If you see someone in your section headed towards leadership burnout try to help them out!  Listed below are a number of resources used to help create this post.  Also, reach out to your CLCC coach to present a session on Leadership Burnout!







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