UW-Stout SWE Section

stout1University of Wisconsin – Stout has been a SWE section for 6 years now; we are a small group but we are determined to help women engineers in whatever way possible. We have some great activities throughout the year that are directed in helping women feel more comfortable working with different machinery and in a man-based field. The year starts off with Stout’s Back Yard Bash where all organizations come to show off their club. Then we have our Biannual Engineering Clubs Picnic/Potluck where we welcome all engineering clubs to come and hangout and play games. Our annual SWEat Event kicks off the year which we create aluminum coat pegs on an engine lathe and enjoy pizza. To help prepare everyone for the career conference we sponsor a resume workshop for all engineering majors. We also have our Small Engine Teardown which is an all-day event were women can learn the ins and outs of small engine in a comfortable setting. During December before finals we have a SWEet Event where we hangout, make cookies and watch a Christmas movie; it just helps everyone relax a little before the end of the semester. The beginning of second semester starts our Spring Kickoff event were we learn about casting and make a back plate for the coat peg or a SWE gear medallion. In spring Stout has their Stoutnic event where organizations have games and fun activities for everyone to get out and enjoy the warmer weather. We also have a motivational speaker come and everyone can build their own tacos.  For fundraising we sell t-shirts usually with a funny joke on the back that pertains to engineering. To round out the year, we have another Engineering Clubs Picnic and have a dinner out for the “incoming and outgoing officers.” Stout’s SWE section is new in comparison to most clubs but have the determination to create a great club for women engineers.

Small Engine Teardown
Spring Kickoff (Casting)





– This post was written by the University of Wisconsin – Stout SWE Section.  If you have any questions about these events or their section please email: Jessica at woelfelj@my.uwstout.edu



One Reply to “UW-Stout SWE Section”

  1. You ladies are doing a great job. To me and hopefully to all of you, SWE is more than a club. SWE is an organization, a network, that supports women to pursue and stay in engineering. If you change your frame of reference (I.e. your terminology), it may give people that feel of inclusiveness and motivation to stay in it for a lifetime.

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