Work-Life Balance

IMG_4054-670x394The April Hot Topic is regarding work-life balance.  Now, this topic is very different for everyone depending on both what stage of life you are in as well as your personal priorities and needs.  For that reason I will discuss two different sides of work-life balance.

For the early to mid collegiates: College can be hard.  Especially for those with challenging coursework, part-time employment or even full-time employment, the desire for social time, student group commitments such as SWE, family time, and the need to eat, sleep, and take care of themselves.  My guess is most of those descriptions fit most of you reading this.  How should you learn to make the most of your college experience?  Find your personal balance.  Below are a few links that provide some tips on how to find that balance for yourself.

Dont-stress-about-your-businessFor the about to graduate collegiates, graduate students, and professionals: There are numerous resources for work-life balance for the working professional, and even more for the working mother.  The tips from the links above also apply to how to find a balance within your working life, but doesn’t figure in everything.  The links below are to videos and personal accounts from successful females about work-life balance.  Really consider taking the time to watch these as I found them to be really interesting commentary about the topic.

If you have any personal tips on work-life balance please feel free to comment on this post and share!


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