An Update from Your Region H Governor!

Happy September!!!

 Welcome back to school collegiate members!! Hope you had a great summer with wonderful experiences both professionally & personally. 

 We start off the fiscal year with a change to some of our SWE programs: some re-alignment & expansion.  The biggest change is that we have 11 SWE future leaders (SWE FLs) and they along with our region collegiate team will be attending a new event at WE13 called the Collegiate Leadership Institute.  At this day long event, attendees will get professional development training and the opportunity to network and possibly gain a mentor with someone in industry.  (For those professional members reading this post, SWE’s coordinator for the event is still looking for some mentors, feel free to contact me or email – Attn: Peter Finn – Collegiate Leadership Institute). Also, this year we are trialing an expansion to our Heartland Annual Round Table (HART) Leadership Summit to include more professional section leaders & the SWE FLs to come together for training as well as networking. 

 The Region Collegiate Team will help me keep you up to date! I look forward to meeting many of you at WE13 in Baltimore and/or FY14 Region H Conference at Michigan Technological University. We will have opportunities for you to interact with professional members, so please take advantage of it.  Oh! Don’t forget to bring your SWE counselor and faculty adviser to these events, there are sessions for them as well.  

 Good luck this fall semester!  

Jenny Morikawa


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