Collegiate Director’s Letter

With WE13 only a few weeks away, October should be a busy and productive month for SWE. Have you made your plans to travel to Baltimore yet? Whether you’ve been to many conferences before or this would be your first, I encourage you to register for WE13. SWE annual conferences are an incredible experience that you shouldn’t miss out on. There is so much energy and inspiration as you meet women from around the world with different backgrounds.

I always leave the conference feeling energized and with new ideas about leadership, owning my career and events for my SWE section. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in thinking about all the reasons why you can’t do something – whether it be something at work, in SWE or in your personal life. Hearing different perspectives and success stories makes it easy to change the conversation to why and how you can do something.

Especially in the heart of career fair season, I love learning about the varied career paths of other SWE women. Through SWE, I’ve met engineers who worked for greeting card companies and department stores, started their own small companies, worked to change public policy and have switched between industries as diverse as aerospace, pharmaceuticals and finance. I am inspired by stories of women who have forged new paths from tech startups to oil fields. Talk to people, hold onto their stories. They are good for personal inspiration and for outreach – let’s show the next generation of engineers how much is out there in the world of engineering. As a collegian, you should also stop by the incredible career fair at WE13 to consider all of the options available to you.

The annual conference is such a wonderful time to connect with and learn from other engineers across industries, so I hope I will see you there! There is still time to register if you have not yet. It really is worth the trip. And if you run into me at the conference, come introduce yourself. Let’s Make Connections. Make History.
Ellen McIsaac

Ellen McIsaac
FY14 Collegiate Director




Letter from the All Together SWE Newsletter


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