Get to Know Savannah Goodman, Your Region Collegiate Representative (RCR)!

Savannah Goodman is a seniorGoodman,Savannah6590 in Civil Engineering with a focus in sustainability and minors in Electrical Engineering and Technology and Management at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has been involved in the UIUC SWE section since her freshmen year. Savannah started off as the Relay for Life Chair and as a Team Tech official member, and then became the Team Tech Director her sophomore year, and the section President her junior year. She is also involved with U.S. Green Building Council, Engineering Council, CARE Tutoring, and her sorority Pi Beta Phi. Over the last three summers, Savannah worked at Kraft Foods and San Diego Gas and Electric for engineering internships, and studied abroad in Germany.

Why did you apply for RCR?

I applied for RCR because I wanted to continue to stay involved with SWE, as I had been very active since my freshman year, but I also wanted to learn more about SWE on the regional and society level. I wanted to better understand how collegiates and professionals work together, which occurs very often on the regional level. I also wanted the opportunity to work with other collegiate sections beyond my own. My section has been very successful, but there is always room for improvement, so I was interested in learning how other sections operate and learn from them. I was also interested in understanding how different size sections operate and to gain a broader perspective on the diverse SWE sections. Finally, I wanted to take the knowledge learned from other sections and the success from my section and share it with newer or struggling sections in order to further improve and grow SWE.

What does SWE mean to you?
SWE, to me, is more than just a professional organization for women in engineering to network and collaborate; SWE is a community, SWE is a family. There is an overwhelming amount of opportunity for professional development, outreach involvement, gains in technical knowledge, etc. within in SWE, but what makes SWE stand out compared to other societies is the welcoming environment, the friendly members, and the huge support system at the society, regional, and section levels. SWE has given me a community throughout my four years in college and I plan to stay involved as a professional because I know that the SWE community will support my growth as a successful engineer who is going to make a difference.

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