Get to Know Ashley Stroup, Your Region Collegiate Senator (RCS)!

Ashley Stroup is a seniorAshley Stroup in Chemical Engineering at Purdue University. Ashley has been involved with the Purdue section of SWE since her freshman year. As a member of the PSWE Executive Board, Ashley served as Day With Industry Chair, E-week Chair, and President. Ashley is also involved with the Professional Practice Ambassadors, Women in Engineering Program, and has studied abroad in China. She has worked a 5 term Co-Op at Tate and Lyle in Lafayette, IN.

Why did you apply for RCS?

I applied for Region Collegiate Senator because I thought it would be a great way to see how SWE functions at a National level. As a previous section president I had a good understanding of how SWE works at the Collegiate and Regional Level, but I didn’t get to see a ton of behind the scenes workings of SWE. I was interested in seeing how the Senate works, and in getting involved with Senate Committees. At WE13 I was able to participate in the senate meeting, and you can read a detailed account of the meeting here. It was exciting to be involved in the discussions at the meeting and to get to vote on such big issues for SWE. I also got to meet the members of the two committees I’m a member of: Strategic Initiatives (formerly Mega Issues), and Bylaws Re-write. The Strategic Initiatives Committee was formerly Mega Issues Committee, but I suggested the new name in order to better align the committee with the SWE Strategic Plan.  It’s exciting to know that I could make such an impact as a collegiate member.

What does SWE mean to you?
Joining SWE was one of the best decisions of my college career. The reason I joined SWE was that the Purdue Section had a long history and was very well organized. I liked that all of the people I talked to had a clear mission and were excited about what they were doing. As I get to see higher levels of the organization, I know that there are equally motivated women throughout SWE. Every conference I attend teaches me valuable skills and leaves me energized and motivated. I’m glad that my SWE family at Purdue will be able to morph into a new community of like-minded women engineers once I graduate and join a professional section.

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