Collegiate Director’s Letter

Happy holiday season! As we approach the year’s end, I hope that you and your family have been safe as we have seen so many natural disasters take a toll on communities around the world. I am thankful to be part of such a great organization that truly cares about its members. And as the semester comes to an end, I hope things have gone well for you in your studies and in your SWE Section.

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is going to lots of SWE holiday parties and end of the year celebrations. It is always nice to take time to reflect on our accomplishments from throughout the year, and at least for me, sometimes it takes my SWEsters to help me recognize how much I have accomplished. It is also interesting to see how different each celebration is and how it reflects the personality of that SWE Section. I have seen lots of parties ranging from a “SWE-esta”, to craft night, to potluck dinners, to my current section’s annual holiday event, cookies and cards. Each year the SWE Hartford Section gets together to sign holiday cards to deliver to a local assisted-living community. This year, we will also be going on a tour of the Hallmark Cards distribution center in Enfield, Conn. It will be a fantastic opportunity to see a completely different side of engineering than what I am usually exposed to. What does your Section do to celebrate the end of the year? Let me know in the comments section of this post.

Also, as you start to make your plans for 2014, it is the perfect time to start considering FY15 SWE leadership positions. Getting involved as a collegiate leader is a rewarding way to stay involved in SWE, develop your leadership skills and connect with new people. Watch for a call for applicants in mid-December for FY15 region collegiate leadership positions like Region Collegiate Representative, Region Collegiate Communications Editor and Region Collegiate Senator. Another option for Region collegiate leadership is to join the Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee, which I have found to be extremely fun and rewarding. CLCC accepts applications on a rolling basis, and will take your applications as soon as they are ready. You could also consider getting involved on the Society level as Collegiate Director or a committee member. There are lots of ways to consider getting or staying involved as a SWE leader in FY15.

Good luck with the remainder of the semester, and enjoy your winter break. As always, I would love to hear any comments, feedback, or questions you may have.


Ellen McIsaac

Ellen McIsaac
FY14 Collegiate Director




Letter from the All Together SWE Newsletter


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