Get to Know Samantha Johnson, Your Region H Lieutenant Governor!

Samantha is a part of theSamantha Johnson SWE-Central Indiana Section, where she served as the FY12 & FY13 Section President, Vice President, Treasurer, Publicity and Professional Development Chair. She currently holds the role of both Social and Strategic Planning Chair for the section.  This is Samantha’s first role with Region H as the FY14 Lt. Governor.

Samantha has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Enterprise from Michigan Technological University and is currently pursuing a MBA with Notre Dame. She has worked for Cummins Inc. for over 8 years and is currently a Design Integrator for the MidRange Engine Business.

Samantha lives in Scipio, IN (Central Indiana) with her husband Jim and their assortment of animals.  She enjoys travel, movies, music, reading, and working with her horses.

Why did you apply for Region H Lieutenant Governor?

I applied for Lt. Governor because after being active in my collegiate and local sections, I wanted to get involved at the region level.  As I enjoy working with collegiates and had ties with both schools bidding for the FY2014 Region H Conference, the Lt. Governor role was a big, but exciting next step.

What does SWE mean to you?

SWE means friends, community and hope to me.  Through my years with SWE I have forged lasting friendships with amazing women.  SWE is also a community where there’s no new problem, only new engineers.  If I have a situation that needs outside opinions, I can rest assured that the SWE community can help provide answers.  And overall, SWE means hope to me.  As someone who discovered engineering as a junior in high school; my main hope is that SWE can reach out to as many girls as possible, to enlighten them on this fantastic career of engineering.


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