University of Wisconsin-Platteville SWEet Advice with Industry

For the third time, UW-Platteville SWE uw-p1hosted SWEet  Advice with Industry. This was a round robin event, held by SWE, where Platteville students were able to go to four different rooms, each with a different career development topic. These topics included internships and co-ops, elevator speeches, resumes, and interviewing. Companies including Kimberly Clark, John Deere, and Covance attended along with representatives from the campus Career Center. Students were able to ask questions, receive advice, and gain knowledge from these companies along with the Career Center.

uw-p2Many members attended the event and each was given a card that indicated which group they were in. They then started in the room indicated by their card, and proceeded in a round robin fashion until they had visited all of the topics. To conclude the event, there was a drawing to win prizes. Prizes included resume paper, Post-Its, and flash drives. Overall, SWEet Advice with Industry was a great event with the Platteville SWE members as well as other cohort groups in the university such as STEM Scholars, DRIVEN Scholars, and the WiSTEM Living Learning Community. We hope to continue this successful event in the future! 



~Article submitted by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville









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