Section Best Practices from Region H Conference


  • Have a distinguished member system, where the top 10% are recognized.
  • Give shoutouts to directors for their work.
  • Raffle prizes for those with the highest attendence.
  • Host a trivia event.  Give everyone different colored sheets and make teams out of same colored sheets.
  • Number plates at general meetings to create groups.
  • Advertise on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Create a point system.  Have different membership levels with rewards on a point system (more meetings and events=more points)
  • Serve free food at meetings and events.
  • Send email reminders to members.
  • Have “SWEsters” of the month.
  • Send text reminders.
  • Have a mentor system.  Contact incoming students over the summer before they reach campus.
  • Host an officer meet and greet.
  • Tell people how SWE is a great resume builder.
  • Go into classrooms and talk to students (handouts for students and write information on board).
  • Make meetings fun by having themes.


  • Host “Evening with Industry” on the night of the career fair.  Equal gender attendance.
  • Do a Rose Sale for Valentine’s Day.
  • Have a bowling night with other engineering organizations.
  • Use Professional Section Support.
  • Pair up with other schools in the area.
  • Send representatives to your engineering student organization counsel.
  • Sponsor a 5K for the whole university
  • Host a professional networking session with other engineering organizations.
  • Go on tours with other engineering organizations.
  • Partner with other diversity groups (NSBE, SHPE, etc).
  • Fund-raise with other groups.
  • Set up events with other science/technical organizations on campus for a “Geek Week.”


  • Host a Girl Scout Day Event.
  • Visit elementary and middle school students for a day.
  • Contact elementary and middle school teachers and establish connections.
  • Give tours of campus to young students (7-10th grade).
  • Host a career day for girls.
  • Host Techgirls, a weekly program for 3-5th graders.  Do a different engineering discipline project each week.
  • Do Home Grown Science one day per week for boys and girls.
  • Have high school girls shadow other female engineers.
  • Participate in Engineering Olympics during Engineers Week.
  • Send welcome letters and have a welcome picnic.
  • Give new students welcome week bags.

~Thank you to the sections that shared their best practices at the Region H President’s Meeting.



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