Get to Know Dayna Johnson, Your Region H Treasurer!

Dayna has been a SWEdayna_headshot member since 2001. During that time, she served as Vice President of the Valparaiso University section before graduating and moving on to the Chicago Regional Section (CRS). She has served as the Section President of CRS (FY11), as well as serving as Section Representative, Vice President of Membership, and working with numerous committees. At the Region Level, Dayna was previously the Celebrate SWE! chair and served as the FY13 Lt. Governor. Dayna was the Local Host Committee Co-Chair for WE11 and is currently serving as the Awards and Recognition Committee Chair.

Dayna has a BS in Civil Engineering and a Master of Engineering Management, both from Valparaiso University. She is currently working for GE as a Commercial Manager in the Substation Solutions group.

Dayna lives in Bolingbrook, IL with her husband Chris and their soon-to-be child. She enjoys traveling to warmer locations, although that may take a back seat to spending more quality time at home with the baby and her 6 year old dog.

Why did you apply for Region H Treasurer?

When I applied, I was just about through my term as Lt. Governor. While I had a great time serving in that role, I wanted to try something different at the Region level. I was inspired by the Region H officers and wanted to continue to have the opportunity to work with those amazing women. This was also a logical choice to round out my skills, as I had never served as a SWE treasurer and wanted to have the opportunity to do so.

What does SWE mean to you?

Throughout my career, SWE has been an avenue for me to gain the professional development and skill sets needed when my day job was not providing me the opportunity to do so. When I am looking for an additional challenge, I look to SWE to find something new and exciting. By taking on these challenges, I have been able to move to different roles in my career. I look forward to continuing my network within SWE and seeing where it will take me next!


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