Don’t Forget to Write Your SWE Award Applications

Spring is in the air with the warmer temperatures, birds chirping, and flowers starting to bloom.  That means that it’s time to start thinking about applying for SWE Awards!  Your sections have all accomplished a lot over FY14 and now it is time to be recognized for that.  Here are descriptions of Society and Region H SWE Collegiate Awards.

Society SWE Collegiate Awards 

  • Outstanding Collegiate Section/Outstanding new Collegiate Section: Awards presented to Collegiate Sections with the most outstanding overall program for the year
  • Collegiate Technical Poster  Competition: Emphasizes the ability to deliver outstanding visual presentations
  • Team Tech Competition (Sponsored by Boeing): Emphasizes the importance of teamwork and interface with industry in the engineering educational process
  • SME Bowl (Sponsored by Exxon Mobile Corporation): The Subject Matter Expert (SME) Bowl is a competition that challenges collegiate members in the areas of science, math, physics, engineering, and technology, and also challenges them in their knowledge of SWE history and policies

Click here to read more about the awards and to download application packets.

Society SWE Section Awards 

  • Communication Awards
  • Membership  Awards: Collegiate Transition, Collegiate to Career, Region Membership, Membership Retention Program and Membership Recruitment Program
  • Multicultural Awards: Motorola Foundation Multicultural Award (Professional Sections and MALs); Boeing Company Multicultural Award (Collegiate Sections)
  • Outreach Awards: Event/Series Program, Outreach MOU Partnership, Outreach Parent and Educator Program
  • Professional Awards

Click here to read more about the awards and to download application packets.  These awards are due July 1, 2014.

Region H SWE Collegiate Awards

  • Outstanding Collegiate Section Award
  • Collegiate Emerging Leader Award

Click here to read more about the awards and to download application packets.  These awards are due May 31, 2014.

Best Practices

  • Make sure you have all your event information when you are filling out the form
  • Remember to obtain SWE membership information from SWE HQ
  • Don’t forget supporting documents, pictures, and links on the applications
  • If you have questions, please contact the award coordinator or your Region Collegiate Team

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