Get to Know Katie Amelio, Your Region H Secretary!

Katie works at the AmericanKatieAmelio_008 Concrete Institute, an organization that supports the concrete industry, contributing to online education and professional development programs. Previously she worked for eleven years in varying roles culminating as an Engineer/Supervisor at CTLGroup, a civil engineering testing and consulting firm.

Katie has been involved in SWE since 2003. Her initial impetus for joining was at the prompting of her male manager who encouraged her to join a professional society. Her previous roles with the Chicago Regional section include 847 Circle leader, Nominating Committee Chair, President, Section Representative, Secretary, and Newsletter Editor. Currently she serves as the FY14-FY15 Region H Secretary and as one of the Detroit FY14 Section Representatives. She finds the SWE outreach and professional development events to be rewarding and inspiring.

In her non-SWE time, Katie leads fitness classes, enjoys outdoor activities, and relishes free time spent with family and friends.

Why did you apply for Region H Secretary?

I enjoy involvement in SWE at the region level to maintain connections with members from different sections. It’s a great opportunity to interact with different section leaders and hear about programs and events that they are hosting.

What does SWE mean to you?

SWE is a great organization to be involved in, there is something for everyone. Opportunities to volunteer for outreach and community events, attend professional development and networking sessions on both “soft” and technical skills, as well as, the challenges of accepting leadership roles is invaluable. SWE supports future engineers and scientists of all ages, and I am proud to be a member.


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