Region H Announcements from Governor Jenny Morikawa

Click here to access the Work & Life Integration Playbook – our inaugural ebook! HQ plan is to have a soft launch in All Together to the members and then start our wider promotion through email and social ads next week. In addition, the content is available on

From Graduate Student Group: We are currently seeking participants for the Rapid Fire sessions that will be held in October at WE14. Rapid Fires are five-minute presentations about your research given to a general engineering audience, themed around the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges. This is a great opportunity to showcase your work to a broader audience. For more information please visit or email Elly Sinkala. Applications are due June 16th.

From the Scholarship Coordinator: Volunteers are needed for judging freshmen scholarships. Judging will take place from May 28 – June 19. All judging will be done online, allowing volunteers the flexibility to judge at their own pace and in line with their own schedule. We will provide recorded webinar training as a resource for judges. Here is the link to sign up: Any questions contact Inaas Darrat at

Jenny Morikawa
SWE Region H Governor Fiscal Year 2013/2014





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