Get to Know Ashlee Janczak, Your Region SWE Future Leader (SWEFL)!

Ashlee Janczak is a junior in Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University. Ashlee has been involved with the Purdue section of SWE (PSWE) since her freshman year. As a member of the PSWE, Ashlee served as an office assistant, the Job Fair Chair, and she is the Vice-President of PSWE for this upcoming school year. Ashlee has also been involved in the Women in Engineering Program and the Camp Riley team for Engineering Projects in Community Service.  This summer she is spending Maymester studying abroad in China then completing her third co-op with Kimberly-Clark in Neenah , Wisconsin.

Why did you apply for Region H SWEFL?

I applied to be a Region H SWEFL because I wanted to learn more about and be more involved in regional and national SWE. I also wanted to stay more active in SWE while co-oping in Roswell, Georgia with Kimberly-Clark, learn more about how to improve my leadership skills, and have the opportunity to work with collegiates from other sections. 

What does SWE mean to you?

SWE to me is a professional yet personal organization, where you can work on professional development, outreach, technical projects, etc. while making life-long friendships. I love being a part of SWE. 


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