Get to Know Rachel Beck, Your Region SWE Future Leader (SWEFL)!

Rachel Beck is a rising senior studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). She has been involved with UIUC SWE since her freshman year. She was a member of the Information and Marketing Committee as a freshman, Director of Community Service as a sophomore, and External Vice President as a junior. Rachel has gained work experiences through a summer research program, two engineering co-op terms at Kimberly-Clark Corporation, and she is currently interning for the summer in Manufacturing and Engineering at the Dow Chemical Company.

Why did you apply for Region H SWEFL?

I applied for SWEFL because I am eager to continue developing my leadership abilities to help in my SWE career. I am passionate about SWE’s mission to inspire women to reach their full potential as engineers and leaders. I want to help ensure that SWE is able to continue fulfilling its mission and achieving goals for improvement. The SWEFL experience has also helped me figure out what Region H positions interest me.

What does SWE mean to you?

SWE has been a very important part of my college life. The professional guidance, support network, and leadership opportunities SWE has given me have made me grow as a person. My involvement with SWE has helped me develop skills such as communication, planning and influence, undoubtedly having a positive effect on my future success as an engineer and leader. I am excited to continue being active in SWE throughout my professional career.


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