Get to Know Jamie Sanderson, Your Region SWE Future Leader (SWEFL)!

Jamie Sanderson is a risingJamie Sanderson senior studying Industrial and Operations Engineering with a minor in German at the University of Michigan. She has been involved with SWE at U of M since her freshman year. During her sophomore year she served as College Relations Co-chair and during her junior year she served as Vice President as well as SWE/TBP Career Fair Receptions Co-chair. This year Jamie is serving as Region Collegiate Senator for Region H. She also will be traveling with the SWE-UM team to Liberia in August to partner with female engineering students and implement the SUCCESS Leadership Camp for up to thirty female Liberian engineering students. In addition to SWE, Jamie is also actively involved in the Engineering Global Leadership Honors Program where this year she will be participating in the Tauber Institute for Global Operations as well as serving on the Topics in Leadership committee responsible for monthly seminars for first-year members. Her past and present internships include working at Carl Duisberg Centrum in Berlin, Daimler AG in Stuttgart, and Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City.

Why did you apply for Region H SWEFL?

I wanted to participate as a SWEFL for Region H because the program helps prepare members to make long-term contributions to SWE’s mission. Members further develop their knowledge about SWE, themselves, and their personal leadership skills. They form valuable relationships which help increase communication between individual sections and various levels of SWE. I really appreciated the chance to be a part of this program.

What does SWE mean to you?

To me, SWE is a great example of the total being more than the sum of its individual parts. It brings together a diverse group of people who share a common vision – to help encourage, develop, and utilize the best engineering talent that’s available, regardless of gender – so that together we can increase our impact and contribute more. I’m always excited to see what SWE and its members can and will accomplish.


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