Get to Know Patty Thompson, Your Region SWE Future Leader (SWEFL)!

Patty Thompson is risingThompsonPhoto senior at Michigan Technological University studying Civil Engineering with a minor in Structural Materials. She became involved with SWE during freshman year and served on the conference bid committee that year. Since, she has been Conference Bid Committee Co-chair, Certificate of Merit Chair, and Conference Career Fair Co-chair for the recent Region H conference. She stays involved on campus through SWE and through coaching students in math classes at the Math Learning Center. Her past and present internships include working at Birdsall Services Group in Eatontown, NJ, Ayres Associates in Eau Claire, WI, and Mead & Hunt in La Crosse, WI.

Why did you apply for Region H SWEFL?

I was nominated for Region H SWE FL by someone in my SWE section. I was very honored to be recognized because I really want to stay involved with SWE past college and being included in SWE more on the regional and societal levels through conference calls and the Collegiate Leadership Institute really has made an impact on my involvement with SWE.

What does SWE mean to you?

To me, SWE is more than just an awesome group of people to meet with a couple of times a month. SWE is a support group, an ideal, an anchor, and catapult. The people in SWE are always there to help when you need someone in your corner. The idea behind SWE is supporting women in the field of engineering, which, as a female just starting out in engineering, is a topic very close to me. SWE is also an anchor, a rock to lean on. No matter what life throws at you, your fellow SWE members are there and can help you through. SWE can also be a catapult, letting you get a head start on networking. The people in SWE are amazing and happy to talk and network with you, whether you’re a VP of a big company or a college student just starting out. The diversity in SWE is one of the things that makes it extremely important to me.


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