SWE Overseas: India 2014

In May 2014, 13 members of the University of Michigan’s Society of Women Engineers traveled to India to hold an engineering and physics summer camp for middle and high school students. This was the second year of SWE Overseas India.

SWE Overseas

The SWE Overseas trip is meant to provide Michigan SWE members with the chance to have an international experience and provide students in Walchandagar, India with fun hands-on physics and science projects.

SWE Summer Camp

The intrepid engineers left for their big trip on May 8th. The first city they stayed at was Mumbai, where they got over their 9.5 hour jetlag and shopped for light and colorful travel clothes. Their next stop was Walchandagar!

Here’s a little background on this town. Walchandagar is a town located near the large city, Pune. Most of the workers in Walchandagar work for Walchandagar Industries. This company manufactures everything from nuclear power plant components, to naval ships, to missiles and more. A Michigan Alumni is a member of the family of Walchandagar Industries, and they contacted U of M SWE! They asked if SWE could come over to their town and have an educational summer camp for the kids in their local school. That’s how this whole program was started.


The SWE members had lots of projects ready for the kids. Each day, the students got to work on two hands-on projects. The kids were really excited about meeting people from America and learning! Some of the projects included tetrahedral kites, blimps, water balloon drop, electric motors, computer science activities, social science activities and solar cars! Everyone had an awesome time at the camp!


The students blogged about their experience on sweoverseas2014.blogspot.com check out all the adventures they had!

elephant ride


~Article written by Juliana Bottenberg and submitted by University of Michigan’s Society of Women Engineers.



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