Congrats FY15 SWE Future Leaders!

After reviewing 96 nominations total, 2-3 students from each region have been selected as SWE Future Leaders (SWEFLs). SWEFLs will participate in the Collegiate Leadership Institute, webinar training and mentoring, as well as the Regional Teams. Congratulations to the FY15 SWEFLs for Region H:

  • Kaitlyn Sullivan – Iowa State University
  • Elia Zanella – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • Kathryn Curtis – Bradley University

Welcome to the Region H RCT!

For the full list of SWEFLs for all regions, see the July 2014 All Together SWE Newsletter post.


One Reply to “Congrats FY15 SWE Future Leaders!”

  1. Congratulations Kaitlyn, Elia, and Kathryn! We are looking forward to your participation on the Region H Collegiate Team! It is going to be a fun year:-)

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