Welcome to FY15

Welcome to FY15! Each fiscal year for SWE begins on July 1st and marks a changeover in leadership. In this welcome post, I’d like to introduce myself and the goals of Region H.

R BeckMy name is Rachel Beck, and I am the FY15 Region Collegiate Communications Editor for Region H. I am entering my senior year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My major is chemical engineering. Previously I have held positions as Community Service Director and External Vice President for my SWE section, as well as SWE Future Leader (SWEFL).

My responsibilities as RCCE involve communication between sections within our region. Primarily, this means running this blog, and our new Twitter account @SWERegionH (You should subscribe to the blog and follow us on Twitter!). I’ll be posting to share best practices and hot topics (issues relating to collegiates), and I’m also a great resource for mass-distributing information such as events or deadlines. If your section has an event you want publicized regionally, or a great idea (or event, social, workshop, etc.) they’d like to share, please email me at rcce-h@swe.org.

This year’s Region H goals are tied to the society goals of Professional Excellence, Globalization, and Advocacy. Here are some of the tactics we plan on using to achieve these goals:

Professional Excellence

  • Region mentoring program with 10+ pairs
  • 4 sessions at region conference by Leadership Coaching Committee/Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee
  • Professional development


  • Region governor to mentor 2 others, diverse from herself
  • 2 region leaders to attend another region’s meeting
  • Globalization topic session


  • Promote accomplishments of region members via region media
  • Recognize SWE leaders to their school/workplace
  • Develop a region spirit & recognition committee


I’m excited for a great year as your RCCE! Best of luck as the summer ends and school kicks into full swing!



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