Region Governor’s Post – Available SWE Roles

Welcome to FY15! My name is Betty Leonhard, your Heartland Region Governor.  I look forward to meeting many of you this year at various SWE conferences and events.  I want to reach out with a quick hello and encourage you to keep up the good work in your local SWE sections, as you are the grassroots arms and legs of SWE that gets things done and helps SWE meet its goals and live up to its mission.  I also wanted to let you know that one of my main goals in region H this year is to get many more collegiates involved in region committees, and I have encouraged your region collegiate team (RCT) to develop more roles to join them in supporting our many collegiate sections. The RCT is already discussing the roles and responsibilities they want to include on that team.  As for some other general SWE roles, I’d like to specifically invite any of you to consider the joining one of the following:

  • Region H financial assessment committee – This committee checks the region’s financial records and makes recommendations on improved financial practices we should perform. This would be great for a young member who is or wants to be a section treasurer (or region or Society treasurer someday.)  This committee is only active for a month or two in the winter, near or at region conference.
  • Region H nominating committee – This committee accepts, seeks out, and discusses potential candidates for region H elected positions. Such positions include region officers and the region collegiate team. It is a year long committee because we always need to watch for potential candidates but most of the work occurs January through March. Now that the region nominating committee also is charged with developing the collegiate slate of candidates, it is very important to have a collegiate member volunteer.  The only caveat is that you wouldn’t be able to run for an elected region position for FY16 if you are on the committee in FY15.
  • Region H individual awards judging sub committee – This is a sub committee under the region awards umbrella and this person will help review and decide who should receive this year’s region-level awards. Those awards are collegiate emerging leader, professional emerging leader, and distinguished service. The time frame of this committee is still under debate.
  • Region H spirit & recognition committee – This committee will assist the RG in gathering the scavenger hunt photos and preparing for the region H slide show at Celebrate SWE banquet as well as purchase any spirit goodies to unify our region at that banquet. They will also develop a concept for continuing recognition that may include creating a region H SWE mascot. This committee will primarily be active in the Fall.
  • Region H procedures committee – This committee updates existing region policies, procedures, and forms as needed or as requested by the region council. You might help define a new procedure for the selection process of some new RCT roles.

Anyone in the region can fill these positions. We encourage involvement from others in your collegiate sections, professional sections, and the MALs.  Most region positions are a fairly low time commitment compared to local or Society roles, so they are a great way for SWE members to keep up their engagement level.  Contact Betty at if interested in learning more.


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