Get to Know Cynthia Ramirez, Your Region Collegiate Representative (RCR)

Cynthia Ramirez 2Cynthia Ramirez is a junior in Materials Science and Engineering at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. She has been involved in the Purdue SWE section since her freshman year, including being the Membership Vitality Director, SWEetie Sidekick Chair, and Social Chair. She is also involved in Purdue’s Women in Engineering Program in the Mentor & Mentee Program and as a Small Group Leader.

Why did you apply for RCR?

I applied for RCR because I was nominated as a SWE Future Leader last year and had the ability to learn more about SWE on a Regional Level while still being involved in my collegiate section. I was able to really understand how the Region Collegiate Team operated and the impact that they had on all of the collegiate sections. I was also able to understand how the professional and collegiate sections work together on the Regional level and the support that is provided between each level. I wanted to be able to learn more about the other SWE collegiate sections and how they operate. I feel that as the RCR, I have the important task of connecting collegiate sections and being here as a resource. I have knowledge from my own section but being able to gather information from the other sections to those that are struggling is very valuable to Region H and SWE as a whole succeeding.

What does SWE mean to you?

SWE to me is a community that we all share the same values and overreaching goal, to support women in engineering. Whether it is with professional development or outreach involvement or the other numerous activities, there is a vast amount of opportunities for those involved in SWE. SWE provides a huge support system through all collegiate and regional levels that there is always the ability to collaborate and network with other women in engineering. Being involved on the Region Collegiate Team and Purdue SWE has given me amazing memories and opportunities and I plan to stay involved even after my term is over because SWE continually provides growth for me to become successful in my engineering field.


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