Get to Know Nella Mantovano, Your Region Collegiate Representative (RCR)

antonellaAntonella (Nella) Mantovano is a Senior in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Mechanics at Marquette University. She has been involved with Marquette University’s SWE Section since her freshman year. Nella started off as the Development Director her Sophomore year and then continued on as Section President her Junior year. She is also involved with the Biomedical Engineering Society, Daughters of Isabella, and currently works with UW-Milwaukee on engineering outreach projects for high school students in the greater Milwaukee area.

Why did you apply for RCR?

I applied for RCR because I wanted to become more involved with SWE. Since I had already served on the Executive Board my Sophomore and Junior year, I was really looking to further my involvement and leadership with SWE; not just on a collegiate level, but a regional level as well. I wanted to use my knowledge and experience of building up a struggling section to provide support to other sections struggling with similar issues that my section had, but to also provide support for all sections – struggling ones and thriving ones. Additionally, I wanted to have a better understanding of how professional and collegiate sections work together and how each of the sections can provide support to one another in order to flourish.

What does SWE mean to you?

To me, SWE means unity. SWE is not just a professional organization that provides women all over the world with endless amounts of opportunities, but also provides unity between all women in STEM related fields. SWE inspires women to be brave, driven, and to ultimately be proud to say that they are women in engineering. Being part of a small percentage of female engineers at my university, SWE has given me a sense of unity and support throughout my four years in college. And it is my hope to remain involved in SWE well beyond my collegiate years because I know I will be supported throughout my journey in becoming an engineer and making a difference.


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