Section Spotlight: Michigan Tech

Michigan Tech’s SWE chapter has come a long way over the past few years. Our membership and involvement on campus seems to have skyrocketed. To kick this year off, we started a brand new charity fundraiser during Homecoming, SWEat Homecoming Spirit Sprint 5k. This was a great success, we raised over $700 for the local domestic abuse shelter, Barbara Gundlach Kettle Shelter. We hope to continue this as a Homecoming tradition and attract more people and raise more money for local charities!

Speaking of on campus activities, every fall we put on Evening with Industry the night before the Fall Career Fair. We host this event for ALL students on campus! This gives them an opportunity to network with industry recruiters before the career fair the following day. This allows people to make a stronger connection with recruiters by having time to talk and get to know one another over a delicious dinner provided by Michigan Tech dining services.

Conference 2The Michigan Tech section was able to sponsor 17 members to attend WE14 in Los Angeles this year! This was the largest number the section has been able to sponsor, and we hope to continue to grow the sponsorship level in order to send more members! Our section received a lot of recognition too! Our section counselor, Britta Jost received the Distinguished New Engineer Award. Our alumni, Dr. Kaitlyn Bunker received the Outstanding Collegiate Member Award. Elizabeth Wohlford was awarded second place in the Undergraduate Collegiate Poster Competition. Kathrine Cipriano and Samantha Kallman, our section president, both were accepted and chosen to participate in the Collegiate Leadership Institute. Both Dr. Gretchen Hein and Dr. Bunker organized and spoke at workshops.

girlscouts2In terms of outreach, we have been having a lot of fun. The section hosted a day at Michigan Tech for all the Girl Scouts in the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin. We had a much bigger turnout than ever expected, with over 60 girls in attendance! We had a whole day of great activities that introduced and promoted science, technology, engineering, and math fields. It was so much fun to see all the girls excited about team based design projects and watching them brainstorm to make such great ideas.

We could not be successful as a section without spending time together and getting to know all the new members! Thanks to our advisor, Gretchen Hein, we were able to have an incredible social: pressing fresh cider at her farm! It was a blast seeing her farm and meeting all of her different animals. And the best part was everyone got to take home some fresh cider!

conference7To wrap it up, Michigan Tech’s SWE Chapter has had a fantastic semester! We hope this gives you a little better idea as to what we’re up to here in the Great White North. We will miss having you all visit again for the Region H conference, but I’m sure you’ll be happy not to deal with as much snow! We are all looking forward to seeing you all again at this year’s Region H conference at Notre Dame!

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