Update from Your Region H Senator Jamie Sanderson

The SWE FY15 Senate – with all 32 professional and collegiate members in attendance – met during the annual conference on October 25, 2014. Diane LaFortune, SWE Senate Secretary, did a great job summarizing the meeting in the minutes, but here are a few highlights:

  • SWE re-branding efforts continue. This is something for sections to keep in mind as they design and/or order merchandise. Sections may want to hold off until around March if they want to use the updated brand.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Knowledge Cards have been developed through collaboration between the Society of Women Engineers and ARUP. Each card revolves around a key aspect of identifying the unconscious biases in the engineering industry, academia, and government in North America. The intention of these cards is to act as a catalyst for discussion and reflection. They are available for purchase through the SWE Store.
  • The Strategic Initiatives Committee (formerly known as the Mega Issues Committee)  “…performs necessary research and develops white papers to facilitate the society’s dialogue on strategic initiatives that align with the society’s strategic goals.” To make sure it focuses on issues that interest you most, its members want to hear from you. The idea submission form can be accessed here.
  • The SWE Work Life Integration Playbook E-Book is an example of this group’s work.
  • The Senate’s winter face-to-face meeting will be held January 30th and 31st in Nashville, TN. Please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to discuss.

Also, the nomination process for FY16 positions begins soon. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in running for next year’s RCS position or would just like to learn a little bit more.

Good luck to everyone finishing up the semester!

Jamie Sanderson


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