January Hot Topic: Applying for SWE Awards

awardimageSWE offers many awards at the regional and society levels in order to recognize the achievements of outstanding SWE members and sections. This post will cover the types of awards available and some advice for applying.


Region H Awards

Region H has individual and section awards, and details on applying can be found on the Region H website. Contact Lynn Davenport (RegionH_Awards_Chair@swe.org) if you have questions. Please note that FY15 marks a transition in the schedule for region H awards.

Individual awards include Distinguished Service, Significant Support, Collegiate Emerging Leader, and Professional Emerging Leader. Entries will now be due on December 1 of each year. Nomination Packages must include a completed nomination form and a descriptive statement of 500 words or less.

This year, section awards will be awarded at the February 2015 Region H Conference. These include Outstanding Collegiate Section, Outreach, Professional Development, and Continuous Development. The section awards are based on section reports of the previous fiscal year (FY14). Make sure you don’t miss any of your section’s events or activities in your reports by keeping detailed event archives!

Society Awards

Individual Awards – Various awards are available for professional and collegiate SWE members. March 31 is the application deadline. The awards packets and nomination forms can be found here on the SWE website. The collegiate category includes awards for collegiate, outstanding faculty, and outstanding SWE counselor. The collegiate awards are given annually to as many as 10 collegiate members with 2 or more years of SWE membership who have made an outstanding contribution to SWE, the engineering community, and their campus.

Collegiate Competitions – SWE offers several competitions for collegiates, some of which require applications. Submissions for the Collegiate Technical Poster Competition are due by June 15. Applications for the Outstanding Collegiate Section/Outstanding New Collegiate Section awards are due by May 31.

Section AwardsSection awards may be awarded to collegiate, professional and MALs in the categories of Communications, Membership, Multicultural Activities, Outreach Programs, and Professional Development. These applications are due by July 1. Award training is available to assist with the application process.

External Awards

SWE encourages its members to apply for awards sponsored by external organizations and societies. These include:

  • New Faces of Engineering (Professional and Collegiate Editions)
  • National Engineering and Technology Awards
  • Women’s Engineering, Science, and Technology Awards
  • Professional Society Awards

More information can be found here.

we14awardWinning Award Tips

  • Want to learn what excellent award applications look like? The best way may be to join the Region H Awards Committee or the society’s Awards & Recognition Committee and evaluate applications yourself!
  • Be fastidious. Applications may be disregarded if you overlook a requirement, even one as simple as font size and page formatting.
  • Utilize resources. Make sure to check out any available awards training presentations, and ask the appropriate people if you have questions about the process. If you apply and don’t win, feedback from the awards committee is usually available, helping you succeed at future applications.
  • You cannot win an award if you don’t apply or are not nominated!

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