FY16 Region H Collegiate Team

Congrats to the newly elected FY16 Region H Collegiate Team:

Region Collegiate Representatives: Emily Matijevich (U-IL) & Elia Zanella (U-MN);
Region Collegiate Communications Editor: Elisa Hutchinson (IA St);
Region Collegiate Senator: Abigail Hedlin (Valpo)

Looking forward to working with you this next year!

And on a side note: There are many other volunteer roles that some of you collegians can get involved with in Region H! (See my August post.)

And for you Freshman and Sophomores – get nominated for the SWEFL program (See details below)!

Betty Leonard
SWE Region H Governor FY15 & FY16


The deadline for FY16 SWEFL (SWE Future Leaders) Program Nominations is Friday, May 1, 2015 . Please take this opportunity to nominate outstanding collegiate members.  Nominees should have no less than two years left of a current degree program (i.e. Freshmen and Sophomores for undergraduates or 1st/2nd year graduate students going for a doctorate) and shall have a minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0.  Candidates for SWEFL nominations should be active collegiate members of the Society, exhibit strong leadership potential and interest in extended involvement in the Society beyond the collegiate experience. Candidates must have a current SWE membership and be in good standing. Nominees who have been selected as SWEFLs for a previous FY or have attended the Collegiate Leadership Institute or Forum as another function are precluded from being nominated. The nominee should not be on study abroad during her term as a SWEFL in order to be an active participant in her regional team.

SWEFLs will be given the opportunity to expand their leadership skills and SWE knowledge throughout the year via experiences such as exclusive webinars and mentoring opportunities and attending the Collegiate Leadership Institute in conjunction with the WE15 Annual Conference October 22-24, 2015 in Nashville, TN “Reach Out to Reach Up.” At the conference SWEFLs will join other regional collegiate leadership in professional development workshops and networking opportunities.

Nominators should have an established relationship with the nominee that permits detailed insight into the nominee’s leadership potential and interest in the Society.  The nominator cannot be the nominee herself, as one of the leadership metrics used for establishing future leadership is to establish networks and relationships.  Nominators are not required to be members of SWE, but should have some knowledge of the Society to understand the value of the program and the Society goals.  Examples of past nominators include professors, counselors, and SWE section presidents.

The nomination form asks for your contact information and the SWEFL nominee’s contact information. Additionally, the following questions are part of the nomination:

1. Current involvement in university section and/or other Society activities
2. Potential future involvement in university section and/or other Society activities
3. Activities and responsibilities in other organizations that show positive leadership skills and abilities
4. Traits and capabilities of the nominee that indicate her leadership potential
5. How the nominee would benefit from participating in the SWEFL program
6. How others would benefit from the nominee participating in the SWEFL program

The nominee will receive a request for follow up information after the nomination form is complete and submitted. Please make sure the nominee’s contact information is correct and monitored. We look forward to receiving your nominations.

FY15 SWEFL Coordinator, Andie Maret
FY16 SWEFL Coordinator, Libby Taylor

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