SWE Senate Update – Discussion on Proposed Logo

Jamie Sanderson (jlsand@umich.edu)
FY15 Region H Collegiate Senator

As noted earlier, rebranding was one of the agenda items for the FY15 Annual SWE Senate meeting. Following the meeting, the results and recommendations were presented and discussed at all the region conferences, including the Region H Conference held March 6th –7th at the University of Notre Dame. We thought we’d use the conference video tape to ensure all points brought up during the collegiate meeting were covered, but it turned out the collegiate meeting wasn’t included so please feel free to contact me if the following information does not answer your questions or if you have additional comments you’d like to share. I definitely want to represent our region as well as possible!

The David James Group (DJG), SWE’s in-house marketing agency for the last eight years, conducted a survey during the spring of 2014. 58% of the 2000+ respondents were members of a professional SWE section, 27% were members of a collegiate SWE section, and 15% were non-members. DJG’s recommendations were based on the results from this survey as well as some additional benchmarking efforts.

DJG explained that the gear is less literal which is meant to remove any limitations about the gear not representing all of the engineering disciplines; that the three sections of the logo visually tie to the tagline, Aspire / Advance / Achieve; that the acronym is featured because it is how most members and supporters refer to SWE; and that the acronym approach will make the logo more easily understood on a global basis.

Lower case letters were selected because they are perceived as being more welcoming. DJG also showed examples where other large corporations use lower case, e.g., UPS:

(Image retrieved from http://www.pressroom.ups.com/Fact+Sheets/The+UPS+Logo+-+A+Brief+History)

The words Aspire / Advance / Achieve were included in the logo because more than two-thirds of the DJG survey respondents fell into the category that said they “really liked” them. However, for logo usage under 1.5 inches, the logo would appear without the full name or tagline:


The increased cost associated with screen printing three vs. two colors, as in the current logo, was discussed. A single color or a “reverse” version of the logo that requires only one color could be used to reduce costs.

Example of reversed image of logo less than 1.5 inches:


DJG indicated that the current logo is challenging to accurately reproduce because of the way theletters are contained within the gear. We were told the colors chosen for the proposed logo work well on the web.

Proposed logo with Aspire/Advance/Achieve tag line:


When used for collegiate sections, the collegiate section information would replace the Aspire / Advance / Achieve tagline.

The ballot for voting on the proposed logo is now open for Senate members. It will remain open until May 7th so, again, please feel free to contact me if you have additional comments or questions or simply want to let me know how you feel. I appreciate your input!



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