Resource: How to Host a SWE Regional Conference

Would your Collegiate Section like to host a Region H conference, but have no idea where to start?

Here is the presentation which Cathy Pieronek shared at the SWE Region H Conference at Notre Dame on 7 March 2015. This presentation explains the process and requirements to prepare the bid to host the Region H Conference and what happens next if bid is selected. This PDF can also be found on the Resources page.

The focus of the material is on preparing the bid and hosting a conference that is two years away.
For example, the FY17 Region H Conference bid will be presented at the the FY16 Region H Conference at UW-Platteville on 28 February 2016, but planning needs to start in the spring of 2015.  If your section will not be ready for an FY17 bid, this material can be used to start the preparation for FY18 and beyond.

If you have any questions, please contact the Region H Lt Governor, Carol Weber (

Note: this was the last time that Cathy presented at a SWE event and she prepared these materials to ensure that future SWE collegiate section leaders would understand what it takes to host a region conference. Her memory will live on as we continue to embrace her passion for SWE, Region H, and University of Notre Dame, and continue to have the most awesome Region Conferences in SWE!


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