Get to know your RCCE

Elisa Hutchison RCCEWelcome to  SWE FY16!  With the new year comes new changes, one of these changes is new RCT members. Throughout the year, I will be updating this blog with biographies of all member of the Region Collegiate Team as part of my role as RCCE.

Here is a little background about myself: I am a Senior in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Iowa State University, originally from Lincoln, NE. I have been involved with Iowa State SWE since my senior year of high school when I participated in SWE Senior Sleepover (now known as SWE U). I have helped with Pizza Sales, Outreach Events, Senior Sleepover, served as the General Meeting Chair, and held the Secretary position last year. I was selected to participant in the Collegiate Leadership Institute during WE 14. I love how supportive Iowa State is and all the inspiration I receive from my fellow SWEagles. In addition to SWE, I was a Community Adviser for the Iowa State University Department of Residence, a Welcome Partner for the Society of International Engineers, and an Ambassador for the Women in Science and Engineering Program at Iowa State. I also studied abroad at the National University of Singapore in the Fall of 2013. My internship experience includes two summers at Molex in Lincoln, NE. Last summer I worked at Lozier Corporation in Omaha, NE; I enjoyed it so much that I am currently on an Engineering Co-Op through the fall at Lozier!

I am excited to take a more active role in SWE and help out collegiate sections in any way possible! I can always be reached at


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