Career Fair Friday!

Career Fair Season is now in full swing. If your school hasn’t already had their career fair here are some tips taken from Iowa State University College of Engineering’s Career Fair Advice page:

  1. Review and revise your resume.
  2. Research the companies.
  3. Attend information sessions to learn more about employers.
  4. Ready your outfit.
  5. Make arrangements to miss classes or work.  
  6. Understand how you will be evaluated. 
  7. Polishing your “Elevator Speech.”
  8. Get a good night’s rest before the fair.

Other ways to make a lasting impression:

Use you SWE Skills!

Highlight your leadership skills within SWE. Talk about your outreach involvement. SWE also has a career center where you can look for jobs. Talk with your professional SWE section about opportunities that might be available. Your SWE connections can make all the difference. Even if you have already had a Career Fair at your school, update your resume. Take some time to reflect on the opportunity. It is easy to get upset when you don’t get noticed by that one super-awesome-company that you would love to work for. Instead of feeling frustrated think about what you can do better next time. Just remember there are more opportunities available, like the Career Fair at WE15!


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