Conference Chair-Amy

My name is Amy True and I am from Cottage Grove, WI and attend the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. I am majoring in Manufacturing Technology Management with a minor IMG_7062_yearbookin Spanish. I love attending Platteville for a variety of reasons including the smaller size, the area it is in, and just the welcoming and nice attitude everyone on campus seems to have. I also love our SWE section! From the first introductory meeting I attended my freshmen year, the members were all very nice and helpful and made it a point to talk to and get to know the new members. I have not held any other SWE positions previous to being a co-chair for the Region H Conference, but I am looking to hopefully holding a position on our exec board in the future. I am most looking forward to seeing our the conference turns out this year holding it at our school! I’m hoping to graduate in 2018, but more likely will end up graduating in 2019.


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