Scholarship Applications

Do you like FREE money? If so, scholarships are for you! There are endless opportunities for everyone. Don’t know where to look? Here are some great options:

Here are the Top 3 Tips to remember when applying:

  1. Apply- You can’t win if you don’t apply.
  2. Grammar is important. Make your application look neat and professional. You don’t want your application to stand out because the evaluation committee can’t believe how many spelling and grammar errors you have.
  3. Provide all application materials & submit on time. Make sure you triple check that your application is complete. Every application is different and may require different supporting documents.

Be on the lookout for scholarships. Many scholarships are open now and will need to be submitted within the next couple of weeks. Don’t wait until May to apply. Many scholarships have deadlines of March 1st (along with the FAFSA!). Don’t miss out on FREE money!


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