Leadership Coaching

The Society of Women Engineers Leadership Coaching Committee (LCC) is a trained group of over 75 professionals and collegiates with extensive SWE involvement, that want to help pass on their experience and knowledge to better your section’s leadership and professional development. Members of LCC are positioned all over the United States to better help schools and professionals all over the country, to support all sections at no cost!

LCC offers consultations to help sections address issues and work toward goals. The coaches are trained to present specific modules to SWE members and officers, either in-person or virtually. 28 modules are offered by LCC, and a majority of these modules are applicable to any SWE section (whether it is a professional section or a collegiate section). In addition, modules can be modified for each section’s unique needs. Detailed descriptions of the different modules can be found here. Note that some modules are specific for the type of section (i.e. there are modules offered for collegiate sections and modules offered for professional sections).

“She [Heather Wiest, former LCC coach] tailored her presentation to the demographic of the room, and discussed with us how we could overcome different challenges.”

– Ashley Williams, FY16 Section President, SWE Illinois

Take advantage of this incredible resource by contacting Kim Miller at miller.kimberly0@gmail.com to schedule a coaching session or to find more information. The Leadership Coaching Committee looks forward to hearing from you!

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