Engineering Round Robin

SWE Illinois has a passion for outreach. Molly McGiles, Abbie Gerth, and Meridan Markowitz have been planning since May for the first outreach event. We are thrilled that today is SWE Illinois’ first large Outreach event of the year: Engineering Round Robin! The theme this year is “Rockin’ Robin”.

The girls will go through activities that are interdisciplinary and design-based. A new approach to past techniques, there will be no design challenge and activity separation. These components will be explored together. The girls will also have the opportunity to network between themselves, get to know other girls who share their interests and passions, and ask any questions they may have to a panel of college women during lunch! And this year for the first time, the Round Robin opens its doors for both middle school AND high school girls! The planning committee hopes that this event will be fun, educational, and inspiring!

Since last semester, we have been working hard getting ready for the big day. We’ve been planning activities, making flyers, gathering volunteers, and advertising the event. In fact, registration filled up, and there will be 20 middle and 30 high school girls in attendance, including some from out of state! We are excited to see how the girls respond to the new outreach approach, as well as excited for a fun-filled, rewarding day of engineering.

A mentor is leading girls through a technical research-based civil engineering project. This photo was taken at last year’s event.

For more information about the event, visit the upcoming event page on the SWE Illinois webpage.

Content and photos provided by SWE Illinois

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