WE16 Region H Meeting Highlights

Governance Update

We anticipate regions will be dissolved by the end of FY18. Because of this, the Senate is proposing several amendments that will make the transition smoother (Region Councils Amendment and Collegiate Director Eligibility Amendments). The Treasurer is putting together a Financial Dissolution Task Force to help with dissolution of finances when the regions are involved. See the “Collegiate Leadership Opportunities” section of this blog post to learn more about getting involved with this team!

Region H Goals

Region H is on track or ahead for most of its Region Goals. One area of improvement that Region H is striving for is to increase the number of events reported in the Outreach Metric Tool by 10%. The goal is 227, but we are at 26. Make sure you are completing the Outreach Metric Tool so that Region H can stay on track to reach this goal!

Collegiate Section Finances

If you are the President or Treasurer of a collegiate section, make sure your section is preparing to complete taxes! Some universities take care of this for student organizations so check with your school before completing taxes on your own. Contact the Region Collegiate Representatives at regionhcollegiateteam@gmail.com if you have questions about section finances.

SWE Counselor/Faculty Advisor (Collegiate-only)

The SWE Counselor and Faculty Advisor positions are both elected positions – they must be elected via your ballot, even if uncontested! Your section is required to elect a counselor. A faculty advisor is not required for your section, but may be helpful when working closely with your university.


You can’t win if you don’t apply, so make sure you apply! Membership awards are evaluated based on membership data by December 31, so make sure members are paid before December 31st!


Make sure you are following the new SWE branding. In addition to the new logo, there are several other new elements in the branding guidelines, including letterhead, PowerPoint templates, a color palette, and typography. These are free marketing materials for your section – take advantage of these resources! Questions? Contact marketing@swe.org.

Collegiate Leadership Opportunities

There are several leadership opportunities available for collegiates:

  • Region Collegiate Team
    • There will be one more year of the Region H Collegiate Team before the regions are dissolved.
    • Look out for the application form in mid-December!
  • Financial Dissolution Task Force (Professionals & Collegiates)
    • Task force to assist with dissolution of Region H finances when regions are dissolved
    • Contact the Region H Treasurer (region.treasurer@swe.org) if interested.
    • Commitment: Monthly conference calls for ~18 months.
  • Planning Committee for WE Local 18 in Madison, WI (Professionals & Collegiates)
    • Madison, WI will be hosting a WE Local Conference in FY18
    • Collegiates are welcome to get involved in the planning committee.
    • Contact the Region H Governor if interested.
    • Deadlines:
      • Planning to appoint a local host committee chair by November 30

Region H Conference

The 2017 Region H Conference will be in Ann Arbor, MI on March 10-12. The call for speakers is open! Apply here if interested; applications are due by November 13 at 11:59pm EST.

Registration will be going live around mid-November. Visit the Region H Conference website for more information.

WE Local

WE Local brings together participants in all stages of their collegiate and professional journey to learn, energize/re-energize and connect through high-quality professional development workshops, networking opportunities, inspirational presentations and outreach activities.

These conferences bring the excitement, energy and learning environment of SWE’s annual conference right to the member’s backyard. WE Local conferences take place all around the United States where SWE annual conferences are not held.

Visit welocal.swe.org to learn more about these exciting new SWE conferences!

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