Iowa State: Super Section Sunday

Welcome back to school collegiates! This year, the blog will feature a new section on Sunday’s to let you know what is going on! This month, our theme is back to school and member retention/recruitment!
The Iowa State SWE chapter piloted a new recruiting event named SWEEK during the second week of school! Conveniently and cleverly, SWEEK stands for SWE week. Each day of the week featured different activities for new and current members to learn more about SWE. The goal of SWEEK was to publicize SWE around campus as well as increase new member retention. Some of our events highlighted a presentation from Archer Daniels Midland, a scavenger hunt around the engineering side of campus, an informal icebreaker event with the Executive team, rock climbing and pizza! Overall, it was a very fun week and our biggest event reached over 90 people. Enjoy the photos of some members rock climbing and our presentation from Archer Daniels Midland.
Keep up the great work ISU! If you have any awesome events on recruitment or member retention, fill out this form to be featured and share your best practices with other members! Let’s have a swawesome year!

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