Back to School: Meet Your RCT

Once again, welcome back everyone! Your RCT is excited for the year ahead. A lot of new things are happening and we want to make sure you feel comfortable asking us any questions along this journey! That being said, meet your RCT for this year!

  • Kelsey Harper –

    Kelsey is your Regional Collegiate Senator (RCS). She is going into her final year of mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota.  Kelsey LOVES doing outreach with students in the community. There’s nothing better than meeting someone when they’re in high school and encouraging them to try engineering and then seeing them on campus a few years later. That’s happened a few times for her now and every time she gets so excited. Outside of loving SWE, she enjoys podcasts, scrapbooking, and her favorite meal, BRUNCH! Be sure to wish this girl a happy birthday amidst your New Year’s Eve shenanigans!


  • Shreya Santhanam –

    It was Nashville, TN at WE15 where one of your Regional Collegiate Representatives (RCR) made her favorite SWE memories. “I had a lot of fun meeting new people and attending all the great sessions.” she recalls. Shreya is currently a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign finishing up a bioengineering degree. It’s too bad there isn’t a session at conference on how to handle a full time job AND a love for dogs! (Maybe she can work on that after she gets her Beagle pup and names him Snoopy to ease her Peanut’s obsession.) Outside of the RegionH blog, Shreya enjoys reading popsicle jokes such as those featured here!


  • Hannah Warner –

    Hannah is your other RCR for this year. Alike to Shreya, her favorite memories were made at her first SWE conference. She says it was so cool to meet SWEeties from all over the region and learn more about different professional development topics and the state of SWE! The youngest of the bunch, she is a junior studying aerospace engineering at the University of Minnesota. Like all of us secretly, Hannah thrives on 80’s movies, particularly “Heathers”; like all of us not so secretly, Hannah thrives on coffee.


  • Molly McGiles –

    Hey, that’s me, your Regional Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE)! I already told you a little about myself here in this blog post, but I’ll give you more juicy details. I’m a senior in chemical engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I’ve been bleeding orange and blue since I was two years old and attended my first Fighting Illini football game. Kelsey and I share the same passion for outreach. I wouldn’t even be in engineering if it weren’t for a SWE outreach event! Outside of SWE, I love to travel and experience anything and everything unfamiliar!


Hit us up with any news or concerns! We are here to help! Confused on who to ask about what? Check out this page on our blog/website to clear anything up!

Stay swawesome!



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